Precision watering

Save water with programmable zones

Variable range sprinklers direct water precisely where you need it

Just one Irrigreen sprinkler covers the equivalent of up to 10 conventional sprinklers.

Reduce water usage and save thousands in water bills

No wasted water and virtually zero overlap between sprinklers means dramatically less water used per zone.

No overlap, no water waste

“Already, my lawn is greener than it's ever been, with way fewer sandy patches than a month ago when the system was installed... It’s legitimately one of the best investments I’ve made in my home.”

Anthony Karcz

Senior Contributor @Forbes

What's Included?

Sprinkler Heads & Cables

Smart Hub Controller

Weather Data & Monitoring

Warranty Included

App for iOS & Android

Smart App

Complete control, at the touch of a finger

Configure zones, each with custom shapes and layouts

Use the Irrigreen app to create customizable watering zones in the shape of your lawn, cutting out pavement and landscaping.

Weather monitoring adapts to rain and sun

Let your lawn water itself with custom schedules

Track your water usage in the app and run system diagnostics

Simple Installation

Installation so simple that most customers do it themselves

80% less piping than other systems

Less sprinkler heads and streamlined water line requirements means less piping needed.

No electrical work needed

Irrigreen's sprinkler cables plug directly into the Smart Hub, eliminating the need for custom electrical work.

Your greenest lawn, with half the water and effort