Installing Irrigreen System on a Well


In this article, we will walk you through some general tips when installing an Irrigreen System on a well.

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1. Measure

All irrigation systems require constant water pressure and good water flow to operate properly. Irrigreen Systems require 40-80 PSI and at least 8 GPM (gallons per minute). Without maintaining constant pressure and flow you may have varied performance.

Click here to learn how to measure your pressure and flow.

2. Safeguards

Once you have measured the pressure and flow of your water supply, you can better determine the type of water pump that you will need. Follow these recommendations to ensure you are picking the best pump. 

  • Plan: Do not purchase a pump until you have determined your exact water needs based on the measurements. You need a pump that produces the correct amounts of water flow and pressure. 

  • Labels: Pay attention to the labels on pumps. Labels can often be misleading. For example, one pump may be advertised as 20 GPM, 55 PSI. This can be misleading as, more times than not, it is referring to one or the other. When looking for a pump make sure that it meets both pressure and flow requirements and can perform those at the same time.  

  • “Irrigation Pumps”: You should be looking for a ‘High Pressure Pump.’ Irrigation or Sprinkler pumps may be misleading since they typically are for a single small sprinkler on a garden hose. They are not recommended for inground irrigation systems or Irrigreen Sprinklers.

3. Pump or Regulating Valve?

Once you have your plan in place you can decide on a constant pressure pump or a regulating valve.  

  • The benefits of a constant pressure pump are consistent pressure, energy and money savings, wider surface area spray, and can easily be turned on and off.  

  • The benefits of a pressure regulating valve are maintaining a set pressure amount, prevent over pressurizing, and affordability. 

  • Reminder to align the specifications of the pump and regulating valve are in line with system requirements.

4. Clean Water

  • You must install a a minimum of 100 Mesh (150 micron) filter to ensure proper performance of your Irrigreen System. 

  • Tip: You can add a solenoid valve to your filter, wire it to the controller and schedule it to run as a valve zone to create a self-flushing version and avoid cleaning the filter constantly. See ‘Adding Traditional Valve Zones’ 

  • Any damage caused by secondary water (well or canal) may not be covered under Irrigreen’s Digital Sprinkler’s warranty. 

It is important to do research before installing and running the system off a well. Consulting a local plumber or pump specialist is recomended for design and installation support.